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Dirt Nap - #25
11/30/09 - 02:26 AM
DF Gabe Cinquepalmi:
Funny you guys called out Duane Jones and Danny Glover for this cop. I was thinking a young version of Roger Murtaugh mixed with Peter Washington, but there might have been some subconscious Duane Jones happening too. Who knows where this stuff comes from? Anyway, I'm glad the drawing managed to convey a little of that. smile
11/30/09 - 02:07 PM
"And so it begins.... anew...."
11/30/09 - 05:40 PM
dragons 56:
"and the plot thickens...hmmmmm..."
11/30/09 - 05:41 PM
dragons 56:
"i wonder what john and rupert are up too..."
11/30/09 - 06:55 PM
Chief Wakamakamu:
"We are still in the prologue. I would find it amusing if the entire comic was the prologue."
01/26/10 - 02:38 AM
The great bald beagle:
"That cop is a darker version of George Bush."
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