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Double Fine Adventure Episode 20 “We did our job!”

The final episode of the Double Fine Adventure documentary is here. Episode 20 “We did our job!” is a tear-jerking emotional ride, the end of a crazy three year journey featuring the launch of Broken Age, some deep reflections, and the arrival of a pretty darn attractive community manager.

The entire DFA documentary is now available for free on youtube, coming in at a mighty 12 hours. Don’t let that beefy length (oo-err) put you off watching though, we think it’s worth your time, and if you don’t believe us maybe you’ll believe one of these fine games industry dignitaries

“3 years & 20 episodes later, @2PProductions’s documentary on the making of BROKEN AGE is the most in-depth & honest look at making a game”.
- Josh Scherr, Naughty Dog

“The documentary for Double Fine Adventure is the best record of game dev ever put on screen”.
- George Broussard, Duke Nukem 3D

“All games are terrible until about 5 minutes before they’re finished and working on them is scary, grueling, frustrating and then scary again. And heartbreaking. This is the only account of making a game that actually captures that experience”.
- Erik Wolpaw, Portal

Check out the full documentary, over on our youtube channel!

07/21/2015 - 06:49 PM
07/28/15 - 03:05 AM

"I'm sad because I was hoping that somehow it would go on forever. But deadlines must be met, games must be shipped, and eventually we wrap up our projects to move on. I really hope to see more documentaries by Double Fine and 2 Player Productions in the future. Fantastic work."
08/02/15 - 10:44 AM

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