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Why do I love E3 all of a sudden?
Maybe it has something to do with the GIANT BRÜTAL LEGEND AD hanging over the entrance to the convention center, forcing all attendants to crawl under it’s awesomness to get inside?

Oh and I’m also very excited about using this new thing the kids are all talking about these days—something they call, “Twidder.”

Not sure what it does, but apparently I’ll be Twiddering with all of you on Tuesday night! Check out the official Brütal Legend E3 home page for details. Man, I am going to Twidder the crap out of E3!

05/31/2009 - 02:09 PM
05/31/09 - 03:42 PM

"If only they printed the sign a little bigger.. *respect to EA for showing REAL support for Double Fine and Brutal Legend!* ; ) Man, I am bummed that I can't get in on this Twigger thingy. Gotta work the next few days, then catch back up on Wednesday on all this E3 news. Have fun Tim, all those involved with Brutal Legend, and all the awesome folks at Double Fine!!! You guys so deserve the press and spotlight for this one. Can't wait till Rocktober 13th to play it myself!! *devilhorns*"
05/31/09 - 04:04 PM

"I would love E3 too if the fantastic Brütal Legend E3 Tenacious D guitar contest wasn't for US citizens only. This sucks, Tim. How could you do this to me? After all these years ... I like my chances slim, not none."
05/31/09 - 04:19 PM

"I see you've almost got the recognition you deserve. I'm still waiting for them to etch your likeness into the moon."
05/31/09 - 05:45 PM

"I really want that poster! And I want it to be exactly as big. Seriously, it makes me really happy to see Brutal Legend get all that attention :D ."
05/31/09 - 06:12 PM

"What happens when the convention is over? Does the ad become a novelty blanket for a giant? Or perhaps a present for me?"
05/31/09 - 08:48 PM

"Wow, great job Tim! Next thing you know, I'll be watching the Macy's Day Parade and there'll be a giant Kochamera balloon in the procession."
05/31/09 - 11:57 PM

"Wow if only Psychonauts had got this kind of coverage, you'd already be ruling the world! >:D"
06/01/09 - 06:45 AM

"Giant Kochamara balloon sounds awesome to me :D"
06/02/09 - 01:47 PM
Sam Pagan:

"I'm so excited, I actually logged in to comment! I'll be watching G4 all day for any little sliver of info and just followed you on Twitter."
06/05/09 - 10:24 AM

""it's awesomeness"?! You gotta check yo' grammar, son! Still, great showing... hopefully Activision doesn't have too much of an effect on the release date and/or your sanity, which is already showing signs of strain."
06/05/09 - 01:59 PM

"Amazing size, I seriously wish I was there, loved Psychonauts, and can't wait for Brutal Legend."
09/06/15 - 07:52 PM
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