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Free Wig (with exciting update!)

I found this in the parking lot between Double Fine and the Bank of America.

A fashionable wig of a almost-indescribable color I shall call, “Mocha Champagne,” complete with little bits of hay and a functional hair clip!

What happened? You were about to rob the BofA, but at the last minute you realized your Golden Girls costume wouldn’t work, so you ditched it? Or were you on your way to Double Fine for a job interview, and realized you should just come as yourself, not disguised as Tippi Hedren from The Birds? Or were you actually Tippi Hedren from the Birds, and this was an actual chunk of your actual hair that some birds tore off your scalp in Bodega Bay and flew all the way down to San Francisco, just to abandon it here because they had finally licked off all the blood? Or were you just taking a hay ride down Brannan Street and it hit a bump and you flew, feet-first, into a pothole and are right now underneath that hair making muffled screams for help?

Some times a news page asks more questions than it answers.


  U P D A T E :

I checked in with our wig later on that day, on my way out of the office. Looks like he made some progress home! He had moved at least 15 feet, and was just about to try navigating the crosswalk.

Watch out for that bike, Wiggy!

Remember, the walk of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Oh, how rude of me. I forgot you don’t have feet. Ouch.
Well, hopefully you are full of lice, and they can all pitch in and get you moving.

08/05/2008 - 05:49 PM
08/05/08 - 07:16 PM

"Cousin-It's illegitimate love child! . . .did it just move?!"
08/05/08 - 08:57 PM

"The Weevils are sending you a message. You killed one of their kin, now they're gonna get'cha."
08/05/08 - 11:30 PM

"It looks delicious."
08/06/08 - 12:09 AM

"i call dibs on the wig! ......haha"
08/06/08 - 12:20 AM

"That thing is definite "poke-with-a-stick" material. Creepy... O_o"
08/06/08 - 09:30 AM

"I remember those things being quite fasionable a few (okay... many) years back for short haired women with a inferiority complex..."
08/06/08 - 10:25 AM

"@Derald- Perhaps it is a 'wig wearing weevil' ? Hmm...?"
08/06/08 - 11:02 AM

"It looks like a dead hairy animal. What you call hair clip is actually it's rips."
08/06/08 - 04:07 PM

"I fully expect Mysterious Free Wig to make a cameo appearance in Brütal Legend. If nothing else, find some way to shoe-horn the picture in."
08/06/08 - 05:39 PM
Cowhat Ninja:

"Kind of reminds me of a pet cat I used to have that disappeared mysteriously with my hair clip a few weeks ago... Wait a minute, Raggy?! Raggy, I told you that lying in the middle of the street was a bad idea! Now all your blood and bones are gone!! RAGGYYYYYY!!!!!"
08/06/08 - 10:47 PM

"i think it was chasing the burglar that stole it's hair clip..."
08/07/08 - 10:09 AM

"Thanks for your concern, Tim! On my way to Pier 39, I was struck by a hay truck manned by two teenage runaways and a monkey. I practically fell to pieces from the shock! Fortunately, my internal injuries were far less severe than we first believed. A kindly hairdresser patched me together again - I am allowed to remove the hair clip in a couple of weeks. It's been a rough couple of days; you wouldn't believe how many people *don't* brake for wigs these days. Once again, I thank you for taking the time to bring this to your site. Maybe now more most excellent people will lend a helping hand (or foot) to this most excellent wig! :)"
08/07/08 - 10:40 AM

"wash it and put it on your baby so she can keep her head warm."
08/07/08 - 11:32 AM

"Cleh-ssic! Thanks for the update, Wiggy. I hope you get home soon. Don't count on anyone to 'move' you, though, because that would involve 'touching' you. Good luck!"
08/07/08 - 12:44 PM

"I vow to help any wig I see in trouble!"
08/07/08 - 01:04 PM

"*CLICK* ➔ [url=]HAVE YOU SEEN MY WIG?[/url]"
08/07/08 - 04:56 PM

"what an amazingly strange update :P"
08/08/08 - 11:47 PM
Trogdor The Burninator:

"@Zinggy That would be friggin' awesome, it should act like the bacon did for Ford Cruller but it should also add it's on two cents, so it could be a form of communication but a comic relief sidekick as well. If it was a communication device, we should be able to co could give converse with Dio who can give us advice via riddles/song giving the game a great extra tidbit of originality. You could also wig use in the final boss fight, Dio could come forth from the Wig and say "Combine the wig with your belt!" Upon this he transforms from Eddie Riggs to quite possibly Eddie Van Halen or Super Eddie or w/e. It's like one of those classic boss battles where in the beginning you don't stand a chance, but a special force comes out to aid you in your quest and makes the character a force to be reckoned with. This has been done loads of times but it always sprinkles another layer of awesomeness all over the game, examples of this are: Okami, Sonic and The Secret Rings, and even Psychonauts where you turn into Giant Raz. I think that would be just fucking awesome. P.S. Are you really Tim Schafer's alias who reveals the updates through blogs whilst telling about your life? A clever double entandre indeed Tim, very creative sir! I guess the Weevil means there is going to be a giant weevil boss in the game that will probably be "metalized/rocked out" and can be another mount within the game. And the 360 RROD equals Christmas cheer, means that the game is being released during December. GENIOUS! Or is this a clever ploy where you get creative ideas? Whatever it is, I approve. If you would like to hire me as a creative assistant, I can be reached at or at GOOD LUCK ON THE GAME TIM!"
08/09/08 - 10:56 AM
Trogdor The Burninator:

"Tim, does the wig represent Brutal Legend? A wig with out a head, kinda like a game withough a publisher. And that long torturous journey is the development cycle of the game? Well, I know you said everything's okay, but...I don't wan't to see this game abused like Psychonauts was, why does this always happen to Doublefine?!!! Anyway Good luck again Tim!"
08/09/08 - 01:57 PM

"Too me, at first glance it appears to be a severely malnourished sasquatch with the supposed hair clip as its curling chompers, but, on closer inspection, it becomes something entirely different and unique, in fact, a rare genetic trait in the bigfoot community. It is of course the footless cousin of the bigfoot: the incredibly enigmatic "hairy saslug", also commonly referred to--given the rare opportunity that such a reference would be fitting--as the "toothy toupee", aptly named, due to its obvious visual semblance and also its natural habitat that is a rare example of mankind's symbiotic relationship with a lesser species. With that being said, the hairy saslug is completely dependent upon the individual that it rides upon, because, you see, the hairy saslug is an entirely immobile and blind creature, what with its entire anatomy consisting of a mane of hair (typically a grayish burnt umber) and a lip-less clamp of tightly clenched gnarled fangs. Now, the amazing factor involved here is that you have caught the hairy saslug devoid of its host. Surely you will be receiving appropriate praise and reward for such an incredible find. But, it is also a display of loss, for somewhere in San Francisco a man or woman walks with a the impression of being incomplete. Bravo!"
08/09/08 - 03:08 PM

""Mocha Champagne" sounds delicious. And classy."
08/11/08 - 02:47 AM

"This is fascinating news, Tim. I'm wigging out. Hah! Once again outdated slang leads to hilarity in pun form."
08/11/08 - 10:21 AM

"If someone were to randomly stumble across the Double Fine homepage, theres nothing that indicates any affiliation with gaming whatsoever. To be honest thats probably a good thing. No good lousy casual gamers. Or worse yet - Non-gamers! *shakes fist*"
08/18/08 - 04:03 AM

08/21/08 - 12:04 PM
Lord of the Weevils:

"God damn you! you never fell for my trap what's the matter with you i thought humans liked wigs!... Soon we will rise! MOHAHAHAHAHHA!"
09/06/15 - 08:54 PM
James 33:

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