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Happy Funnies - #8
10/27/09 - 08:52 PM
B-K Mastah:
"Did he just crap on a wart?"
12/22/09 - 08:01 PM
Tim Schafer:
"This was actually Raz's first comic but I put out the others first because I thought if people read this one first they would think of it as the poo comic."
03/31/10 - 08:29 AM
dragons 56:
"hmmm... i still like brutal legend fish. awesome."
05/03/10 - 09:20 PM
dragons 56:
"did he just crap on a radish?"
04/02/11 - 12:15 PM
"I believe that it is a gumdrop."
06/14/13 - 08:09 PM
"Awesome !"
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