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People say she looks like me…

(This was my submission to I can not claim to have invented this technology.)

09/09/2008 - 09:55 PM
09/09/08 - 10:39 PM
Apple Pop:

"Aww, a sleepy Tim! You could send this image to your enemies with the phrase writen on it "How can you hurt a face like this?" They will instantly fall for your man baby charm and give you all their money and spicy buffalo wings."
09/09/08 - 11:05 PM

"Is it a good thing or a bad thing that I didn't notice the heads were switched until the text told me so?"
09/09/08 - 11:08 PM

"I went all like "Awwwww!" And then I LOL'd. Thank you, internet, for making moments such as this possible."
09/09/08 - 11:17 PM
The Queen Of GleeDoom:

"...Hehe. I enjoy double fine, soo much."
09/09/08 - 11:21 PM

"I serious'd. Then I lol'd. Then I went to that site you linked to, and I Lol'd much more. (did you see that guy with the baby food on his face?) Thank you Tim. You two look very comfortable in the hammock."
09/09/08 - 11:26 PM

"So much for sleeping tonight."
09/10/08 - 12:46 AM

"I'm not gonna lie, Mr. Schafer. This is truly one of the most horrifying things I've ever seen."
09/10/08 - 02:18 AM

"You have ruined an otherwise adorable picture. ... Ruined, or made better?"
09/10/08 - 03:10 AM

09/10/08 - 04:35 AM

"haha, she's going to hate you for this some day. Like when you're showing it to her prom date and he'll run away screaming..."
09/10/08 - 05:13 AM
Jason Lee:

"Did you get a hair cut? Also, where did you get the Pavarotti doll?"
09/10/08 - 01:30 PM

"Is it wrong to think that your baby-self looks so right? Perhaps it is the Double Fine coloured t-shirt or the manner in which you are engrossed in the whiteness of your arm, but something about it just works. You should impose your face upon all of her baby pictures and then make a photo album, an album which should be presented to her upon her 16th."
09/10/08 - 02:50 PM
The Monarch:

"You've lost a lot of weight since the last picture I saw of you."
09/10/08 - 04:10 PM

"Terra: "..." Celes: "...?" Locke: "...?!""
09/10/08 - 05:05 PM

"She'll kick your ass at Wii Fit now! (She has such a cute expression.) (Really like your hair and beard, too.)"
09/10/08 - 10:09 PM

"that is the manliest baby i have ever seen!"
09/11/08 - 02:04 AM

"My boyfriend and I take great joy in the knowledge that you know of We've been entertained by that site for some months now."
09/11/08 - 07:13 PM
Crazy Sunshine:

"hahahaha mini tim"
09/12/08 - 05:35 PM

"i wish i had a baby, just so i could do that"
09/13/08 - 08:21 PM

"Any baby works! As long as they don't miss it before you put it back."
09/15/08 - 01:24 AM
Chief Wakamakamu:

"Tim, where do you get your girl-ish good looks?"
09/15/08 - 03:25 AM

"Haha! Indeed she looks just like you, but with more facial hair. ;-)"
09/15/08 - 09:28 PM
Laughing Wolf:

"Wow, you look fantastic Tim. Odd how losing the chin wig has really changed your whole appearance. However, I'm thinking it's time to talk to your daughter about shaving. Came on a bit faster than I'd expected, but some people are early bloomers."
01/24/15 - 01:47 PM
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