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Take That, Witness Protection Program!

Revealed now for the first time ever, here are the actual faces of the mysterious voices behind the 1UP FM Podcast. How did I get a hold of this amazing photo? Believe it or not, I took it myself, when I was recently on the show.

It wasn’t an easy shot to get. As soon as I walked in the doors of the 1up studios, I was thoroughly and savagely frisked, which I wouldn’t have minded, except that they had the nerve to confiscate my camera. Jokes on you, 1up! MustacheCam™ to the rescue.

So, these guys have been playing through Psychonauts for a few weeks now, and if you haven’t been listening you really should. It’s a good show, and the “Backlog” segments on Psychonauts are really interesting. After a game comes out, you are immediately exposed to everything from glowing reviews to scathing forum posts, or vice versa. But this is something completely different. It’s a group of smart people who love games talking about a shared gaming experience in an honest and thoughtful way. I want to hire these guys to talk about every game we make. (That should be easy now, since publishing this photo will probably cause them to lose their jobs.)

Anyway, you should check out all the shows. Listen to every second of them, of course, because every second is excellent, but if you want to cheat and skip ahead to the Psychonauts stuff, here is your handy cheating guide:

7/28 - 1:09:28
8/04 - 1:16:15
8/11 - 1:22:39
8/18 - 1:15:15
8/25 - 1:14:00
(Don’t listen to that last one unless you want to hear my squeaky voice.)

08/25/2008 - 06:49 PM
08/25/08 - 11:51 PM

"I listened to the first one, but thanks for the cheat guide Tim!"
08/26/08 - 12:39 AM

"So, casting clairvoyance on you reveals that I look like a pregnant lady. You've really got baby on the mind, sir!"
08/26/08 - 12:57 AM

"Yay! So Tim, feel like going back for a month to play along with Indigo Prophecy? I'd love to hear your take on such a different take on the adventure game. Any chance of a Double Fine podcast once Brutal Legend goes gold?"
08/26/08 - 05:13 AM

"Haha tim, you are great :D . "cheating guide" great :) !"
08/26/08 - 10:15 AM

"The episode five "cheat" time is wrong... It's actually 1:12:50 ;)"
08/26/08 - 11:29 AM

"Great interview, Tim! Do you know you sound almost exactly like Quentin Tarantino?"
08/26/08 - 01:03 PM
matt chandronait:

"I can't believe you snuck that cam in through our ultra-high-intensity P.R.O.B.E. scanners. I hope you all got a kick out of this last display of bravado; we've already dispatched our drapery-cleaning "service."
08/26/08 - 02:28 PM
Tango Charlie:

"David Cross does an excellent Tim Schafer impersonation. Like, all the time."
08/26/08 - 04:37 PM
Apple Pop:

"Did the microphone taste like beer as well? Or maybe they just spray beer scented body spray all over the mics."
08/26/08 - 08:51 PM

"Tim has always reminded me of Quentin Tarantino. They have the same type of hair too."
08/26/08 - 10:23 PM

"Hm, it was fun to listen to it. I think I have to replay Psychonauts. And you really sound like Tarantino^^. He speaks just a bit faster"
08/26/08 - 11:22 PM

"haha! time to break out Psychonauts!"
08/27/08 - 04:48 AM

"Listening to that talk with you brought me back to my childhood dreams of being a Game Designer... also, you do sound like Tarantino!"
08/27/08 - 09:22 AM

"I was very entertained by it all and it sounded like everyone had fun. Thanks for sharing Tim!"
08/27/08 - 01:26 PM

"That certainly was enjoyable to listen to. PS. LONG LIVE MEAT CIRCUS! MAY HER SAILS NEVER DWINDLE!"
08/27/08 - 09:10 PM

"That was the best interview I've ever heard on a podcast. Everyone should listen. Very funny! Now that I'm here, I think I'll buy some shirts ;-)"
08/28/08 - 10:41 AM

"omg! Tim Schafer is actually Quentin Tarantino in disguise!!"
08/29/08 - 06:46 PM

"Aha! I know they were average joes! I knew it!"
09/01/08 - 12:44 PM

"You should have been on GFW: The Brodeo. I think you and Shawn Elliot would have been a riot. Oh well, I'll listen anyway... I guess..."
03/11/15 - 10:27 AM

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09/06/15 - 08:51 PM
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